MyLO LIFESAVER 3-in-1 Automated Milk Bottle Washer

For parents who WANT TO STOP washing milk bottles & breast pump by hand!

No One Enjoys Washing Milk Bottles!

Ask any parents and we are certain all will agree washing milk bottles & breast pumps belong to the BACK-BREAKING chore everyone HATES!

It's such a lonely task that sucks out so much energy, time and money bit by bit every morning & night!

Now, Imagine This...

After your baby's night feed, all you have to do is:

1. give milk bottles a quick rinse

2. add some water & washing liquid into LIFESAVER 3in1

3. place bottles & teats into machine

4. Press "START"

5min is all you need before heading back to your comfy bed for a good night's sleep.

More Parents Have Since Stopped Washing Milk Bottles!

Read on to learn how this LIFESAVER 3in1 Bottle Washer wash your baby's milk bottles & breast pump sparkling clean!

Kill bacteria efficiently for 30mins

Much cleaner than hand wash!

Fuss Free Sterilizing!

Sterilizing start immediately after washing

Dry & Store Till Next Use

All ready in 70-90mins for next use!

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Read on to learn more about LIFESAVER 3in1 Operating Guide & FAQs

LIFESAVER 3in1 Components

Everything you need for a fuss free wash

2.5ltr Water Each Wash

Save up to 63% on water bills!

4 Bottles & Accessories Each Wash

Good for kid's water bottles & utensils too!

LIFESAVER 3in1 Setup

Electrical Wire (~1mtr) should be connected to a electrical point which is in the opposite direction of the water discharge hose.

Water Hose (~1mtr) for discharging of waste water into a sink or pail. You can purchase longer hose from hardware shop, fish shop etc.


On a daily running cost, you will save up to 63%* on water bills if you switch to LIFESAVER 3in1. That's RM63 for every RM100 you pay for the water used to wash milk bottles!

With ECOVER ZERO 450ml, you can get 450 washes per bottle!

*LIFESAVER 3in1 uses ~3ltr of water per wash (rinse & wash)
*traditional wash & boil sterilize uses ~8ltr of water

We have tested a lot of dish washing liquid but all generate too much foam to our liking.

After months of testing, we are confident to recommend ECOVER ZERO for it's low SUD and clean efficiency.

LIFESAVER 3in1 uses dishwashing technology which are not ideal for handling a lot foam.

When too much foam are left behind, the bottles will be dried with foam coated on it. A big NO-NO as it will become soapy when you add liquid.

ECOVER ZERO is made in Belgium and with Zero (0) nasties. Perfect for babies & kids washing.

Only 1ml is required per wash!

Each bottle of 450ml is retailing at S$6.50 (~RM21) only.

Distilled or Purified water is recommended as there are zero/lesser minerals in the water.

Do note that tap water & purified water contains minerals which will leave hard water mark on the bottles when the machine uses hot air to dry the bottle.

When the water evaporate, it leaves behind the minerals which results in the hard water mark.

Hard water mark is safe and is a natural process for washing technology that uses heat to dry.

Let's faced the truth - the most tedious task is the washing & scrubbing. Not sterilizing!

You will get so much more free time once you stopped washing by hand.

Each wash cycle is good for 4 milk bottles and accessories.

Bottle size - 16cm height, 8cm width

LIFESAVER 3in1 supports 3 wash cycle:

1. Wash, Sterilize & Dry - 90mins

2. Wash & Dry - 70mins

3. Dry - 40mins

Nope! A discharge hose (~1mtr long) will be provided to discharge soap water from the machine during wash.

You can direct the discharge hose into a pail or wash basin.

A water container is also included to transfer water from the tap to LIFESAVER 3in1 water tank.

1. Rinse off visible stains from bottles

2. Drop washing liquid into LIFESAVER 3in1

3. Place bottles & accessories at respective spots

4. Turn on machine, set to wash cycle and press start

Descaling (~3mths)

Similar to water boiler, descaling of the heating plate will be required from time to time (~3mths once). To descale:

1. pour 30ml of white vinegar + 60ml of water onto the silver-plated heating element and soak for 1hr

2. Use a small brush to scrub the heating plate

3. Pour the liquid out of the machine and do a full cycle wash, sterilize dry (90mins)

Air Filter (~6mths)

The air filter is located under the machine and will be required to change every 6mths. Each machine comes with 1 filter. Replacement air filters sold separately.

Maintenance guide can be found in the user manual provided with each machine too.

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Please note that LIFESAVER 3-in-1 will be shipped internationally from Singapore & the pricing listed on this page is in SGD.

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