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Good and quality product

Easy and safe to use.

Super easy and safe to use. Needless to say a breeze, quick and easy way to get those sharp and long nails trimmed down.

BM Storage bags and mosquito patch

I love their BM storage bags, I buy them regularly. First time buying mosquito patch, I bought GB as most value for money.

MyLO Electric Baby Nail Clipper (incl. 12mths Warranty)

iFam toy organizer

The toy organizer is really useful in organising all the toys in one place for my child. My child even knows how to open it up and take out the toys she wants to play! Very convenient and easy. I love it.

MyLO LUXE Foldable Baby Play Mat (200x140x4cm)
Joy Wong (Johor Bahru, Malaysia)

MyLO LUXE Foldable Baby Play Mat (200x140x4cm)

Best play mat purchase

My baby and the entire family loves it

Quality and soft

Love Rico wet wipes. It is thick and soft. Added with calendula properties, it is mild on baby’s skin. A little expensive if without discount though.

Worth the $$$

Definately worth the $$$ and time

simply amazing

been finding a nail clipper for my baby daughter and lo and behold this amazing invention is wat I needed.. not only my baby is using it even the dad also jump ship in using it.

Best storage bags !

Have been using other different brands of storage bags , so far MYLO are the best for me to use ! And also value for money !


First time trying, smell isn’t too strong and so far so good

Mosquitos Repellant Patch

My child lovesthe mosquitos patch. Not very strong smell. Will continue to buy.

My LO Mosquito Repellent Patch

Super love the mosquito repellent patch and have never looked back ever since I bought for my boys when they started going to preschool.
The patches sticks on securely but yet it does not have the issue of the sticky glue getting stuck onto the clothing. The smell is also not too pungent and it can last for a whole day. Would totally recommend to mummies or daddies to get this for your LO! ☺️👍🏼

Good mosquito patch

Sticky and long lasting smell. Good deal with groupbuy. Will repurchase again.

4th Purchase

Cheap and good for daily use!

Best in the market thus far

MyLO mosquito patches is by far the best in the market. It’s also effective against mozzie from day to day lifestyle, we would pair up the repellent spray when we are outdoor in order to double up the protection.

Best nail trimmer for newborn

Bought this out of impulse and wasn't disappointed! Simply efficient and effective. Way better than manual mail trimmers. saves time and avoid accidents. 10/10 !

[12packs] RICO Signature Baby Wet Wipes (Value Packs 70s) [March2025]

Great deals awaiting!

Enjoy the sign-up perks instantly!

Saves time and water!

Really glad we found this product. Saved us time and likely water too since it's 2.5L per wash. Also saved my hands too since I didn't have to keep washing the bottles. Can do other things while waiting, especially for night feeds.

Mosquito Repellent Review

Purchase at mummy market with good deal 1 for 1. Looking forward to buy again. Keep my children from mosquito bites.

Eco-friendly product

I used this washing liquid with the MYLO Auto Milk Washer and it has been great so far! Bottles are cleaned and sparkling. Most importantly, it can be used up to 600 washes for such a small bottle.

Good nail cutter

I love it so much.

MyLO Electric Baby Nail Clipper (incl. 12mths Warranty)
Kim Pereira (Cebu City, Philippines)
Awesome product :)

Does the job effectively and efficiently. Highly recommend this!