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Pretty design and convenient to use

Love the design, easy to seal and the pour spout is convenient to use and hygienic as well. Would be great if they have bigger sizes too.

Using it several times a day!

With a new addition to our family, this bottle washer is indeed a life saver. It is able to wash, sterilise and dry 4 bottles and some small items eg. pump parts, pacifier at one go. Also very user friendly!

Good !

Reasonable pricing and good for cleaning baby stuffs too.

Baby Play Yard Multi Basket
Kayyoke Leong (Singapore, Singapore)

Love the playyard so muxh. Size is customisable

RICO Baby Oral & Mouth Wipes (30 Sheets) [Nov2023]
Julia Tay (Singapore, Singapore)
Good products!

The wipes are truly good and scent free. love the mosquito repellent patch which works really well for my baby. He doesn't have anymore bites at night!

Inner Circle (12mths * $3.90/mth)
R. Woon (Auckland, New Zealand)
Great value

Haven’t yet made my purchase but the deals are really worth the subscription :) esp the $8 deal

Oral wipes

Excellent wipes for cleaning baby's mouth.

Good quality, durable patches

Good quality mozzie repellant patches which hardly leave any stain on clothes

Inner Circle (12mths * $3.90/mth)
Kelvin Tan (Singapore, Singapore)
Good Deals for baby !

Chanced upon this on IG and found it to be absolutely value for money for their wipes and other deals ! Hope to see more deals !

RICO Baby Oral & Mouth Wipes (30 Sheets) [Nov2023]
Sherilyn Ang (Singapore, Singapore)
Rico’s Oral Wipes 👏

Awesome! I like that its so much bigger than other oral wipes in the market, this makes so much sense when we want to clean the insides of my LO’s mouth.

Sandwich Mix Up: Tactile Shape Recognition Game With Quirkly Wooden Sandwiches (4-8yo)
CARMEN SOH (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
Very good quality product

very nice and good quality product, easy assemble.

Inner Circle (12mths * $3.90/mth)
Joanne Oh (Singapore, Singapore)
Mylo products

My son has been using mylo mossie patch for quite sometime and we love this product. It smells great and is effective too. This inner circle membership is great and gives us great amount of savings!

Rico signature baby wet wipes

Good product. Very good for cleaning my young kids up after meals, their bottoms and wiping of surfaces.

Inner Circle (12mths * $3.90/mth)
Christy.L (Singapore, Singapore)
Mozzie patch

Very worth and good deal! Love it so much.
A Downside is trouble myself and infant to go down to Maple building to pick up every month. It's quite tiring actually esp we have to bring all the heavy bags esp when we are taking public transport and it's heavy downpour. :(

Hi Christy, always glad to hear when parents love the Mozzie patch.

We have delivery or self-pick up options at check out which cater to different family needs.

For pickup, there's no fixed collection date so you can plan your schedule accordingly and avoid rainy days too.

Parents can also contact our hotline 3hours earlier for quicker pickup facilitation too.

Thank you!

MyLO Mosquito Repellent Patch (10 patches / box)
Mommy MQ (Singapore, Singapore)
Mild scent yet effective

Well priced, nice scent which doesn’t sting, cute print. Most importantly I like it. After all it’s not about whether the baby likes it, it’s about us liking it 🤭

Good and large sheets

Very value for money mouth wipes. Cheaper and larger compared to others outside

Productivity hack

This product works as promised!! Just rinse the milk bottles to make sure no residues left and place inside the washer, the washer will take care of the washing, drying and storing. I find the 90 mins washing and drying duration acceptable after using it, as I will keep 1 spare bottle aside at all times. Thank you adertek for your great product and also good customer support via WhatsApp message. Great job!!

Recommend mylo mozzie patch

These non-toxic patches are able to remain scented the whole day. Esp critical if ifc/childcare is located at dengue hotspots. Highly recommend!

MyLO Mosquito Repellent Patch (10 patches / box)
Yi Bing Loh (Singapore, Singapore)
MyLo mosquito patch

Scent is strong and last long! Patch is sticky n can be removed easily to paste on another shirt when i change my kid. Price is reasonable for the quality. Much better than the cheaper ones i bought previously!

MyLO Mosquito Repellent Patch (10 patches / box)
Andraline Tan (Singapore, Singapore)

MyLO Mosquito Repellent Patch (10 patches / box)

MyLO Mosquito Repellent Patch (10 patches / box)
Catherine Ang (Singapore, Singapore)
Mosquito patch

Good and have great smell that is just nice! Not too pungent and it’s sufficient to cover my girl for a day.

Good product purchase

Was recommended by my friend, tried a few other brands but still prefers this over the rest. Love their milk storage bag because of their quality, the hygienic pour spout and the colour coded temperature sensor.

The best mosquitoes repellent patch!

This is the best mosquitoes repellent patch I ever used. As usual, I will tried the patch on my own before trying on my baby girl. This patch is obviously different from the rest, it can last for 24 hours and it stickiness of the patch is good compared to others.
As I tried it on my little one, everything is fine and no mozzie bite on her! That's what every mum wants.

RICO Baby Laundry Soap Bar (200g) [Mar2025]
Eveleen (Singapore, Singapore)

Love the bar soap as it helps to remove stain easily.

Famy Dinosaur Spring Car Set (3+ yo)
Tee Wei Teo (Singapore, Singapore)
An unbeatable Dino horse

The Dino spring car set looks and feels great! It was easy to install and feels extremely sturdy. Wheels roll v well and has a overall premium feel! Would highly recommend it!