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Safe and effective mosquito patches

Good and effective for baby. Like that the smell is pleasant and lasts longer than other brands I’ve used and most importantly made from safe ingredients. It’s what we use for baby both at home and outdoors.

Great repellant for baby!

We bought this because initially we were using another brand’s (A**baby) repellant, but baby still suffered mosquito bites when we brought her downstairs, after we started using MyLO repellant, we haven’t spotted a single bite since. Recommended!

Mosquito patch

The smell is very mild yet effective… love that one patch can last 24/7.. definitely my first choice as its made from nature ingredients… great

Highly recommended

Effective and nice smelling patches.
Will never leave home without one

Mozzie Patches

Bought in bulk to get them at a good price per box! First time trying these patches but very encouraged by the many good reviews I've seen so far.

Best quality wet wipes

Love the quality of these wet wipes! Thick embossed large sheets, with just the right amount of wetness. Additional plus that it has calendula. My go to wipes daily!

Super recommend wet wipes for baby in face all ages!

Easily pull out, smell good, thick.

One of the better wet wipes I’ve used

Rico is one of the better wet wipes I’ve used. Not too dry or wet. Effective in its cleaning.

LUXE Foldable Baby Play Mat (200x140x4cm)
Ada Ching Yin Cheung (Shah Alam, Malaysia)

Such beautiful quality!

Love it!

Nice smelling soap bar. Works quite well on stains too!

Rico Signature Wet wipes

Very well designed, thick and easily pull out. I'm so in love with it after trying once that I gotten during collaboration with one of the parenting crash course. I hope it will continue the promo for all parent to benefit on it. Thank you!

Great baby wipes

I love these wipes they are big and easy to pull out. And is gentle on baby’s skin!

Mosquito repellent patch

Smells good and my boy thought it’s a sticker that I stick on him

Thick and moist

Thick and moist. Delighting smell. Recommended.

Versatile pack, value for money

I have been a user of the mosquito repellent patch for years. Glad to see more options available now.

Like the spray for its simple refreshing lemongrass smell.

Pleasant smell, easy to use

I normally don't bring these anti itch stuff out for hiking trip. Troublesome to bring out and most of them need to squeeze the cream out to apply. End up dirty and have oily hands.

So wifey got this for the family and brought it out for hiking trip. I am quite impressed after using.

Smell is pleasant, not overpowering.

Very easy to use. Just twist it and balm comes out. Easy application, don't need dirty your hands.

Small & compact. easy to keep.

Very effective patches!

Love the patches as it's very effective even when we went to the forest to play. 👍👍

ecover Zero washing up liquid

Love this as it has not smell and easy to wash off. And I also love the wet tissues that's why I a re-order!

Sturdy and good looking

Mat and yard look really nice in our living room. Mat is good at cushioning falls but sturdy enough for baby to push off on. Yard is solid and doesn’t fall over

The patches work wonder!

The patches smell nice and stick very well on clothes. Most importantly they are safe for babies and really help to keep mozzies away too. Will definitely recommend to friends & family.

Mozzie patches

Have heard good things and have been using this! Love the design

Best wipes for surfaces!

Tried a lot of sanitizing wipes for surfaces but this is BY FAR THE BEST! It’s non-sticky and the cover doesn’t come off like most small packets of wipes do.