Shell Baby Play Mat + Play Yard Bundle (10% OFF + FREE Delivery)

Brand: Adertek Lifestyle

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What is in this bundle

  • Shell Baby Play Yard with Door Set (8pcs - 133x133cm / 10pcs - 198x133cm)
  • Shell Baby Play Mat (Perfect fit for 8pcs or 10pcs setup)

Shell perfect fit 10pcs play yard + play mat

Shell perfect fit 8pcs play yard + play mat

Optional Accessories

  • Full Set Safety Holders to keep play yard panels align
    • 10pcs setup - include 6 straight safety holders + 4 corner safety holders (+$37.80)
    • 8pcs setup - include 4 straight safety holders + 4 corner safety holders (+30.80)

Important aspects of Baby Play Yards

  1. Size Matters
    Take note of the completed setup size. Some setup can be 12 panels but smaller than a 10 panels setup.

  2. Position of Holes MUST be LOW
    For safety reasons, avoid all panels with circle, square, star etc. holes above the midway height of the panels. Your baby will be using this elevated holes to climb out very soon. Another safety concern would be the little ones having their head stuck in the holes.
    *Why IFAM* All our play yards are tested and curated to ensure that there are no elevated holes in the panels. Also avoid having toys & accessories on the panels as it can be used as leverage for the little ones too.

  3. Reliability of manufacturing raw materials
    Play yard panels would be licked, chewed and sucked by your little ones as they start to teeth. For the same reason you do not give your little ones dirty toys, the raw materials used in manufacturing should come from reliable source. Recycled plastics and unknown raw materials source is a huge safety concern.
    *Why IFAM* All our play yards & play mats are made from fresh raw materials, tested and certified for baby safety in Korea. 

  4. Play Mat compatibility
    There are many playmat thickness and it can be confusing which type to get for your little one. As a general guideline, think of what your little one needs. If they are learning how to crawl / walk, a thicker play mats give them better protection against trip and fall. A thicker play mat also provides lesser impact when they jump and play too.
    *Why IFAM* IFAM playmats have waterproof surface. Easily wipe off liquid and sanitize using a wet wipe. A foldable mat is 3-4 times lighter and easier to keep when not needed too.

Shell Baby Play Yard

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Enhanced Safety Feature

Improved SAFETY for your little one! We hear about little ones climbing the panels with the support of the 2 higher see through holes. Therefore the 2 higher see through holes are covered now!

Please note that new, authentic IFAM Shell panels now come with this enhanced safety feature - manufactured and shipped out from Korea.

Enhanced safety feature to prevent climbing

Shell Baby Play Yard Panel Dimension

Shell Baby Play Mat - Both side usable

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Shell Baby Play Mat Dimension (Single) - 63x125x4cm

Shell Baby Play Mat (Single) Dimension - 63x125x4cm

Shell Baby Play Mat Dimension (Foldable) - 125x125x4cm

Shell Baby Play Mat (Foldable) Dimension - 125x125x4cm

Shell 8 / 10pcs + Play Mat Configurations

Shell 8pcs + Shell Baby Play Mat configuration

Shell 10pcs + Play Mat Configuration

IFAM Certification

IFAM Play Yard, Play Mats & Storage Organizers are tested and proven baby safe by Korean, European & US certification

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