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Monkey Expressions: Social, Emotional & Feelings Learning Puzzle for Preschoolers (3-5yo)

Brand: Chalk & Chuckles

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Understand What & Why You Feel Through Monkey Expression

The monkey puzzle is a wonderful positive parenting tool. A magnetic puzzle that helps children identify emotions and express or communicate their feelings.

Monkey Expression is a pre-school skill builder that grows with your child. Be totally creative in your play!

1 or more player game for 3 to 5 year old.


  • DISCOVERY TOOL WITH A TWIST- As children manipulate the eyes and mouth pieces to make Monkey Expressions, they develop an understanding of their own thoughts and feelings. They show what they feel- happy, sad, angry, surprised or scared.
  • EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE - Kids often don’t know why they feel shy or nervous? Why they can't control their mood? Or why they are both sad and mad? Our puzzle helps kids talk about feelings and build social-emotional skills-empathy for overall success in life.
  • CREATIVE PLAY - Ask kids to copy, name and mimic the Monkey Expressions. Use the situation thought bubbles to make stories. Speak to them about the connection between emotions and facial expressions.
  • EDUCATIONAL BENEFITS -A fun emotion game to interact with your child. Develops identification & recognition of feelings, self-expression and boosts confidence. Expands their language, communication and social skills. Ideal therapeutic and classroom resource.
  • PERFECT KIDS GIFT -Solid construction with chunky magnetic pieces and no reading required make this a favorite with parents. Perfect for screen-free play experiences with toddlers and preschoolers age 3+ years old for both boys and girls.

More Details

Recommended Usage

  • Toddlers & Kids from 3-5 year old
  • Talking About Feelings
  • Emotions Counseling - Social Emotional Learning such as managing Temper Tantrums
  • Occupational Therapy Game - Autism, Speech etc.

Why Monkey Expressions?

  • Chalk and Chuckles Monkey Expressions, Feelings puzzle is a great educational puzzle and a learning tool for kindergarten classrooms, preschools and therapy.
  • Loved by teachers, educators, parents and counselors.
  • Promotes social emotional learning and EQ.
  • Emotional health starts as a child with open communication and self expression.
  • Being able to identify those feelings and emotions within yourself and others leads to empathy, compassion and kindness.

How To Play

  • Stage 1: Begin with copying expressions
  • Stage 2: Move on to naming a feeling. E.g. "Scared" and asking the child to create that expression on the monkey without reference pictures.
  • Stage 3: Finally build connecting skills. Place a situation card over the monkey's head. See what is happening and ask the child to identify, name the feeling and make that expression on the monkey.



    • 1 Wooden box
    • 15 Magnetic pieces: 5 eye pieces+ 5 mouth pieces+ 5 thought bubbles

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