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Good Habit Toddler Washing Table

Brand: IFAM

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Good Habit Toddler Washing Table is perfect for toddlers who are developing their self-care skills. This child washing table will help them to learn how to wash their hands, brush their teeth and even washing dishes without using a step stool!

A child always want to follow their parents in doing certain things but an adult basin might not be the safest for their height.

This washing table is design with a perfect height for your little one to access easily with minimal parent supervision (especially for younger children that needs supervision when using step stool). 

IFAM Good Habit Washing Table for Babies and KidsIFAM Good Habit Washing Table - Perfect Height for KidsIFAM Good Habit Washing Table Develop Self-Care SkillsIFAM Good Habit Toddler Washing Table Can be Used Everywhere

Toddler Washing Table with Simple and Minimalist Design


435 x 325 x 510mm (Length x Width x Height)

IFAM Good Habit Washing Table Dimension

More Details

Good Habit Washing Table Highlights

  • 1.5L large water tank capacity that is big enough for your little one to brush their teeth and wash hands

Large Water Tank Capacity

  • Simply connect a hose and remove the stopper to drain water anywhere!

Baby Sink Easy To Drain Water

  • Perfect height for toddlers to wash their hands without using step stool

Baby Basin Perfect Height for Toddlers

  • Allow your child to develop self-care skills independently

Montessori Bathroom with Minimal Parental Supervision


  • Faucet - The faucet is designed to make it easily turn on and off by children
  • Light - Light and sound would be activated when you turn on the faucet
  • Water Tank - Water tank can hold up to 1.5L of water which is sufficient for kids to wash their hands, brush their teeth and wash their face!
  • Prop - Designed to place toothbrush cup and hand wash conveniently
  • Drainage Hole - Simply remove stopper to drain water from the sink
  • Towel Hanger - Hang your towel and/or shower ball on the towel hanger
  • Hose - Connect the drain hose for easy drainage of water from the sink
  • Suction Pad - Press the suction pad against the wall for sturdy sink setup
  • Shelf - Big shelf space to place baby cream, diapers and more items
  • Non-Slip Pad - Non-Slip Pads are attached at the bottom to prevent washing table from moving on most surface

Note: you need 3 x AA battery to use the washing table (Batteries are not included)

Washing Table Components

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