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Diskcover Letters & Numbers Activity Board

Brand: MUtable

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MUtable board games encourage logic and tactical thinking through a fun way

Diskcover Letters Numbers board game teaches children about letters and numbers via MUtable board games.

    More Details

    • Children can learn to recognize and write letters and numbers through a fun way
    • Diskcover Letters & Diskcover Numbers is printed on each side of the board
    • Side A - Diskcover Letters board game, your child would recognize colours, letters and numbers through different challenges and tasks
      Game tips - With MUapp, follow the voice instructions and look for the suggested letter, learn to write and trace it. The animations would celebrate with you if you did a great job! Without the app, you can also match the objects with associated letters on the board.
    • Side B - Diskcover Numbers board game, your child would exercise their writing, counting and association skills
      Game tips - With MUapp, follow the instructions and learn how to write by tracing it. Also, animations would make your mathematical practice even more fun! Without the app, You can earn points in space theme board through rolling dice and calculations. Try to avoid black holes and visiting all the planets with your friends!
    • Fits perfectly on MUtable & MUtable extension
    • Made of cardboard
    • Diameter 54cm (21.3in)
    • MUtable activity boards uses NON-toxic material therefore PVC, BPA e-phthalate are not used in the production.
    • Designed in Italy. Manufactured by HAPE Toys.

    HAPE Toys is one of the world’s largest wooden toys producer using sustainable materials. HAPE toys is known for creative designseco-friendly and each product is developed to enhance your child’s developmental skills. Thanks to the German-style strict management mode, HAPE Toys has been repeatedly recognized for the highest standards of quality and control systems.

    • Checkout MUtable FAQ here


    What is included

    • Diskcover Letters board game
    • Diskcover Numbers board game 
    • 1 dice
    • 4 tokens

    Customer Reviews

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