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Diskcover History ‘Ring a Ring o’ Stories’ Puzzle & Activity Board

Brand: MUtable

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MUtable board games encourage logic and tactical thinking through a fun way

Diskcover History board game teaches children about time and history of important people via MUtable board games.

    More Details

    • Diskcover History board game teaches children about time and history
    • Diskcover History & 'Ring a Ring o' Stories' is printed on each side of the board
    • Side A - Diskcover History Board Game – takes a journey through the time machine to learn more about important characters in the history of human
      Game tips – The faster time traveller wins! Along the way, travellers will encounter 2 events which represents a moment in history – the vortex box or card box which may move travellers forward or backward.
    • Side B - Ring a Ring o’Stories round puzzle (49pcs)
    • Fits perfectly on MUtable & MUtable extension
    • Made of cardboard
    • Diameter 54cm (21.3in)
    • MUtable activity boards uses NON-toxic material therefore PVC, BPA e-phthalate are not used in the production.
    • Designed in Italy. Manufactured by HAPE Toys.
      HAPE Toys is one of the world’s largest wooden toys producer using sustainable materials. HAPE toys is known for creative designs, eco-friendly and each product is developed to enhance your child’s developmental skills. Thanks to the German-style strict management mode, HAPE Toys has been repeatedly recognized for the highest standards of quality and control systems.
    • Checkout MUtable FAQ here


    What is included

    • Ring a Ring o’Stories round puzzle (49pcs)
    • Diskcover History board game
    • 2 dices
    • 46 game cards

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